Subliminal Power Software Review

Subliminal Power is a software developed by Bradley Thompson, one of the world’s leading experts in the world of subliminal messaging.

I first heard about Bradley Thompson’s Subliminal Power program from Marc Anastasi, successful entrepreneur & speaker. In one of the regular emails I receive from him, he revealed that one of the secret behind his success, as an entrepreneur was the use of the Subliminal Power.

I was curious to find out more about it and to see if it really worked.

Even though, the testimonials on the website were impressive however I decided the best option at this point would be for me to experience it for myself.

I purchased the Subliminal Power software and I followed the steps, it was very easy to get set up and running and I actually thought I had done it wrong because it was so easy. I went back and reviewed the steps and realized that it really was that easy.

As I employed the concept behind subliminal power what I learned is that the software uses subliminal messages in order to reach the subconscious mind without the conscious mind realizing what is happening. I have heard about this concept before but have never seen any real life applications for it in the past.

While it is true that subliminal messaging does not work on everyone, it does work on most people, so if you are receptive to this type of “conditioning” this might be a good option for you to consider. For me, I have learned that through changing the way I perceive situations and life I can manifest for myself more than I could when I perceived situations in a negative manner.

During my trial, I learned that once you set it up that is pretty much all you ever have to do with the software. A message, based on what options you selected will appear on the screen for a moment. I chose to listen to soft music while I was on the computer since I spend a lot of time on the computer, it helps me to focus on my tasks. I later discovered that when you add the music option it actually improves brain performance. I added “Alpha” beats as it helps to stay focus.

I find that my quality of work improves when I have the music on rather than when I am working without music.

I’ve been using Subliminal Power for several months now and here are the advantages and inconvenient:

There are pros of using this product that I have seen from my time using it myself.

Ø You are able to create your own subliminal message

Ø You can re-program your mind to achieve your goals

Ø The music is included in the purchase of the software so you don’t have to search online to find calming music to listen to

Ø It runs quietly and discreetly in the back and is not a bother to you at all

As with anything there are cons of using this product.

Ø If you are not in front of the computer often you will not be able to experience the maximum benefit of the program since it is dependent on you seeing the messages for it to work.

Ø If you create your own message you will want to ensure that you are careful about the wording of the message or you could experience the negative effect you were aiming for.

Ø If you have serious health conditions such as epilepsy this software would not be advisable for you.

For a best result, I would recommend that you select one or 2 options maximum depending of your need. For instance, you might select only “Brain Power – Ultimate Creative Mindset” and let it run the whole day or a few hours. And then select a new program of your choice. You will notice the impact is more efficient if you select just one program at the time than selecting several programs.

Rate: 9/10 – Overall, I was pleased with my purchase of this product and would recommend it as a good option for those who are looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Continue to Bradley Thompson’s Main Website.

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Subliminal Power: A Self-Hypnosis Software

In this video (by cywei99), the author explains how the Subliminal Power software works.
You will discover how you can customize your own messages according to your needs.
Remember to ALWAYS use positive affirmation.

Regarding my experience, I do sometimes add music that helps me to concentrate such as alpha waves.
Also, even though it might seem surprising for some people, I have changed the size and color font of the flashing messages.
I know that the idea behind the subliminal message is not to be noticed, however, I had the impression that the results were quite slow.
The messages are still running very fast on the screen, most of the time I can barely read them!
Believe me or not, I have noticed a significant improvement since these modifications. So, you should check it out for you as well if you have the feeling that things are not moving as you wish.

Finally, you have to test different option and see what work best for you.

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How to write positive affirmation with Subliminal Power?

Words can be very powerful; if arranged in a certain way they can have a strong impact on you.

Subliminal Power software allows you to set up your own messages. However, you should be very careful how you write them down.

There are a few key steps to phrase positive affirmations in order to empower you:

First, you have to reckon which area you need some improvement in your life. What are the things that bother you? Is it a lack of confidence, an issue with your self-esteem? Or, do you want to meet the ‘perfect’ woman or man? You should write down on a piece of paper subjects that matter to you.

Secondly, your affirmations have to be positive at all times. Let’s say for instance that you are somebody who procrastinates and always finding excuses postponing things. You might be tempted to write ‘I don’t want to delay things’. But, instead you would state in the subliminal power tool ‘I enjoy doing things now’. Also, you can be more specific especially on recurrent habit.

Thirdly, you should make sure you use the present tense and not using the future. By saying, “I will loose weight”, means that you intend to be slimmer one day, in any future, but not now. It is definitely more effective to mention, and also feel or visualize, “I am slimmer” or you can say, “Loosing weight is easy”.
The subconscious mind doesn’t make any judgment; it will accept any thought and turn into reality, in the present. So, you definitely want to concentrate on thoughts that will lead to your desires being manifested right now but not in the future.

Finally, you don’t want to ‘stuff’ too many words into one affirmation. The best is to stay focus on one idea and use simple wording. For instance, if you are preparing an exam, you might want to state: ‘I always succeed at exams’ instead of ‘I am calm, I remember my material and succeed at exams’.

As you know, you can create anything you want in your life. But, when your conscious mind start to doubt, to fear or worry, you should let Subliminal Power do the job for you.

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Take control of your life with Subliminal Power.

If someone tells you today that it is possible to change your life with no effort thanks to a piece of software. Would you believe him or her?
That’s sound too good to be true!

Yet, athletes such as Ruben Gonzalez, and self-made millionaire, Marc Anastasi claimed that Subliminal Power from Bradley Thompson was one of the keys to their success.

Subliminal messages are so powerful that US government banned them from television and radio in 1974 as they were used to boost the sales of popcorn and coca cola.

As you might know, subliminal is not all the time used for the right purpose. Nowadays, they populate the advertising world; they are massively used in the music and movie industry.
So, you have to be aware of what kind of message that lays behind this medium.

However, with Subliminal Power, you are in control. You are in charge to choose positive affirmation and to send directly to your subconscious mind.

Subliminal Power is a software program that use self-hypnosis message to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations in order to achieve your goals.

With this subliminal software you can create your own program very easily.

But, when you do so, you have to make sure to use the right wording. Your affirmations have to be positive at all time even when you want to get rid off bad habits.

This software can be used on most windows system from Windows 95 to Windows 7.
Subliminal Power is currently installed on over a million computers worldwide.

The interesting thing with this tool is you save a huge amount of time; no need to lay down to listen a subliminal CD at a time – Subliminal Power works while you are in front of your screen.

The author of the program, Bradley Thompson, has also written several books about personal development. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the world of subliminal messaging.

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Subliminal Message: What is it about and how can it help you?

You might have heard about subliminal before, some time in your lifetime.
But, in case you don’t know, the term means “Below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.”

A subliminal message is designed in such a way that your subconscious can perceive it without your conscious mind can even notice!

Did you know that these messages are everywhere in your daily life?
They can be found in different ways such as in music, films and even pictures.
A signal is sent to your brain but your conscious mind cannot pick it up.

Ok, I know what you are thinking…what is it all about? And what is the point to do so?

Well, imagine that you want to loose weight and you have been trying for weeks or months and even years but with little results. Even though you are willing to loose this unwanted kilos but you keep craving.
You have tried hard but you just cannot help it!
One of the most obvious reasons of craving might be psychological.
In this situation, subliminal messages could be useful to overcome this issue.
The idea would be to use either audio or computer software message. A signal is sent to your brain in order to train it for instance to eat healthy, to respect your body, not to eat between meals. And eventually, over time, you won’t crave anymore and you will feel that you want to exercise more and eat healthier. And then, you will feel the change in your body as you will have the right attitude towards foods.

Obviously, you have understood that you can use subliminal message for pretty every things you are struggle with.

I’m using Subliminal Power from Bradley Thompson, a software tool that uses flashing positive affirmations around the computer screen while I am working.

It helps to re-program the mind helping to achieve your goals with the power of positive subconscious messages.

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